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Chocolate Tasting Club from Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat offer the perfect gift for a chocoholic in the form of a Chocolate Tasting Cub!

Hotel Chocolat
- Chocolate Tasting Club Gift Chocolate Tasting Club Membership ...

This has to be the perfect gift for the Chocolate Lover. Giving someone a Chocolate Tasting Club gift membership will open up a world of Chocolate, the like of which they will never have experienced before.

Membership of the Chocolate Tasting Club means you will be sent a selection of chocolate products each month. The products you recieve will depend on the selections made when you join.

Each month of your membership, a fresh batch of chocolates specially made for Tasting Club members, will be sent out to you. Accompanying the selection will be a Tasting Menu containing details of each chocolate, how it was made, ingredients used and other information. Follow the tasting tips to maximise the enjoyment of each chocolate.

While you are enjoying your chocolates, you can score and make comments on each one using the enclosed scoring card. Send your scores in to Hotel Chocolat and see what other members think in each issue of Chocolate News, which you also recieve each month.

You have the coice of joining as the Classic Selection, Solid Selection or a Dark Selection.

Take up the Special Introductory offer of 6.95 including delivery (10 off the usual price off 16.95) to try out one of the selection available, which are:

Classic Selection
Recieve a variety of milk, dark and white chocolates.

Dark Selection
Recieve a selection of solid chocolates with a variety of different added ingredients, but no alcohol.

Solid Selection
Recieve a variety of dark and very dark chocolates.

See Full details of the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club